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M-SWASTH is a Digital Healthcare Services provider, pioneering virtual OPD care in India. We are bridging the gap in healthcare delivery in India through technology, enhancing the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services.


We operate remote clinics in rural areas through our telehealth and telemedicine platform, connecting India’s emerging middle-class & rural population with doctors and medical specialists.


Our team of trained medical specialists and doctors with extensive experience helps the patients with screening, diagnosis, and treatment, providing quality care, and enhancing their quality of life.

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खून की कमी थी | M-SWASTH के डॉक्टरों से बात करके अब ठीक हो गयी हूँ | बहित खुश हूँ के अपने परिवार का ध्यान अब अच्छे से रख लेती हूँ, थकती नहीं हूँ | बहुत अच्छी सुविधा है |


उम्र - 35 साल

M-SWASTH की सुविधा लेने से हम बहुत खुश हैं | मेरे घर से हस्पताल 80 km दूर हैं लेकिन M-INSURE के माध्यम से अब डॉक्टर बाबू बस एक फ़ोन करने से बात कर लेते हैं |

गोविन्द दास

उम्र - 36 साल

Empowering Health, Transforming Lives

M-SWASTH is making a profound impact on healthcare in India by leveraging technology to overcome barriers to access and affordability. Through our virtual OPD care and telemedicine platform, we are reaching millions of individuals in both urban and rural areas, connecting them with skilled medical professionals. By breaking down geographical barriers and providing convenient, remote access to healthcare services, we are ensuring that even the most underserved communities have access to quality care.


Moreover, our commitment to operating remote clinics in rural areas underscores our dedication to making a tangible difference in people’s lives. By bringing healthcare closer to home, we are not only treating ailments but also enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life of individuals and families across India. At M-SWASTH, we believe that everyone deserves access to healthcare, and we are proud to be pioneers in driving positive change in the healthcare landscape of India.

Our Leaders

Meet the Team


Neeraj Maheshwari

CEO & Co-founder​

Neeraj Maheswari, the Co-Founder and CEO of M-Swasth, is a seasoned expert in Affordable Health, Inclusive Insurance, HealthTech, InsureTech, Digital Health, and Micro-Insurance. A distinguished speaker on global platforms, he brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to these domains. Neeraj, an alum of the University of Oxford, envisions leveraging technology to narrow the healthcare delivery gap in India, making services more accessible and cost-effective. With extensive experience, he founded M-Swasth with a mission to revolutionize healthcare, ensuring it is within reach for everyone, and he continues to drive impactful change in the industry.


Anurag Dod

COO & Co-founder​

Anurag Dod, Co-Founder M-Swasth. An entrepreneurial-minded leader with a proven track record in business growth, product development, and strategic management. Passionate about driving technological innovation. Founder of AdIQuity (acquired by Flipkart) and Guruji.com, a search engine pioneer. Extensive expertise in mobile advertising, digital marketing, search technologies, distributed systems, and data mining. MS from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and BTech from IIT Delhi.


Prakash Ranjan

Sr. VP, Operations

Prakash, Co-founder of M-SWASTH, is a fintech and insurtech expert with over seven years of experience in the sector. He has held the position of General Manager at BIMA Cambodia, demonstrating his leadership in international markets. Prakash co-founded India's first value-added microfinance company, PREJHA, and played a pivotal role in scaling PARFI to a $10M valuation. His expertise lies in fundraising and transforming startups into scalable businesses, showcasing his ability to drive growth and innovation in the financial technology industry.


Dr. Aswini Ashokan Naidu

Medical Director, M-Swasth

Dr. Aswini Ashokan Naidu, Medical Director of M-Swasth, is a physician and healthcare entrepreneur with a decade of experience across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare technology, and clinical domains. She specializes in hospital management, P&L management, strategic planning, and co-founding innovative healthcare systems and projects.

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Want To Know Something From Us?

What is M-Swasth E-Clinic?

An average 8ft x 8ft space inside or near to bank branch managed by a qualified nurse (ANM or GNM) and who manages the clinic acting as a bridge between the patient and M-SWASTH doctors. E-Clinic has a complete branding added with Health/hygiene posters along with basic Medical Equipment like digital thermometer, oximeter, BP Machine, Weighing scale. Clinic also has Computer Tablet for virtual OPD with M-Swasth Doctor. The clinic has generic list O (Used for Common Conditions/OTC drugs) & list A medicines, which can be dispensed to the patient based on the prescription received by the patient from M-SWASTH’s doctors.

How many specialities does M-Swasth covers?

M-Swasth covers more than 22 types of specialities without any additional cost. These specialities include Paediatrics, General Medicines, Dental, Family Ortho, ENT, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology to name a few.

What are the regulatory compliances for M-Swasth?

M-Swasth is Registered with National Health Authority as Health Facility Provider. M-Swasth is also registered with Tele-Medicine Society of India and adheres to Telemedicine Regulation 2020 set by the Government of India in supersession of the Medical Council of India.

Are the Doctors Empanelled?

M-Swasth has a total of 300+ doctors(All MBBS and MDs) all on its own payroll and not empanelled. Since the doctors are on M-Swasth’s payroll ,they work only for M-Swasth which not only increasing the average time they spend consulting and deeply understanding the patient’s illness but also increasing quality of advice and empathy which translates into higher NPS across all our partners

Is M-Swasth Doctor Consultation available in local vernacular?

Yes, M-Swasth covers 16 Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

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